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Tomas Skei

Physiotherapist, Tomas Skei, has 5 years experience as a sports physiotherapist and over 20 years experience in sports physical therapy with an approved specialist in clinical orthopaedic physiotherapy. He has an education from Berlin in Germany.


Tomas has expertise in the examination and treatment of sports injuries, pain in the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation after surgery. He is an approved physiotherapist affiliated with the Injury Telephone (Skadetelefonen), the Sports Health Center and the Olympiatoppen, who get their treatment covered through their sports insurance.


Among other things, Tomas has also been a physiotherapist for the Strømmen / LSK women handball team and has lectured in sports injuries for several sports associations. In addition, he has worked as SATS instructor for several years. Since 2015, he has worked and continues to work as a lecturer in diagnostic ultrasound and intervention therapy in musculoskeletal disorders in collaboration with the Norwegian Medical Association (Legeforeningen) through a series of course events (Oppdalsuka, PMU (premedical week), SonoScandinavian) alongside clinical practice at LISK.


Specialist in General Medicine

Canh Le Nygaard

Canh Le Nygaard is a physician at Stallbakken Medical Center in Rælingen. He has a medical education from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo.

Beside working as family doctor, Canh works as a lecturer in ultrasound throughout the country and is the head of the Association for Ultrasound in General Practice (FUA). He has broad experience in general medicine ultrasound, with an interest in muscle and skeletal ultrasound and injections.

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